Want to become a Country Chic Paint Retailer?
You want to be proud of the products you sell

​​​​​​​When selecting products for your shop, I know product quality is your #1 priority, but you also want to work with a company that makes things EASY.

I invite you to find out today if joining the Country Chic Paint Retailer network of amazing female business owners (and a few very talented men) is for you!

​​​​​​​Rosanne Korteland, CEO and C
The Basics
  • You won’t need to go through to a complicated process to become a Retailer: it is much easier than you think
  • You can access training online. No need to travel to attend in-person training
  • There are no fees to open an account and no large order minimums - although we do recommend starting with at least fifty jars of paint

  • You will get industry-standard wholesale discounts
  • You will be welcomed into a supportive community of Retailers
  • You can count on us: we are a small family-run company and we see our Retailers as partners, not just customers.

“The reputation of Louisville Mercantile is important and that means we need to deliver goods and services that meet our high expectations. The staff definitely go above and beyond in supporting its Retailers. Nine months ago I didn’t realize just how good my decision would turn out.”

Sylvia Davis - Louisville, TN

"Becoming a Country Chic Paint Retailer has really added a level of professionalism to our business. It was a big step for us but truthfully the process was very simple and the program very clearly defined and we knew almost immediately that the fit was right. The day we unloaded our first delivery of products was exciting and we still get a thrill each time we stock our shelves."

Amy and Carol Adilman - Pickering, ON

"Country Chic Paint has the best customer service of any company that I work with. They contact me on a regular basis double checking that everything is fine. If I have any questions they are answered immediately. If I have any suggestions they are passed along to be considered. It's a support team that I could not be happier to have."

Tami Neff - New Concord, OH

​​​​​​​Are we right for you?

You want to make the right decision when it comes to picking a paint line. It’s not JUST about the product. We understand. Here are answers to things you probably want to know.
Wholesale Program FAQs

​​​​​​​Do you have order minimums? 

Aside from an affordable minimum order to get started, we have no minimum reorder requirements.
Do I have to sign contracts?
Nope! No intimidating legal contracts to sign.
Do you demand exclusivity?
No, we don’t require you to love only us. You are welcome to carry other paint products if you want. After all, you know what's best for your business!
Will you allow a shop 2 minutes away from me to become a Retailer too?
We offer service areas to our retailers based on certain conditions. We'd be happy to chat with you in more detail about that.
Do I need to travel to you for training?
You are NOT required to come to us for training. Our exclusive Retailer training videos are available online to be watched at your convenience. However, if you love to travel, we do offer in-person events for Retailers, so we’ve got you covered there too.
Will you ever cancel my wholesale account without notice?
Shockingly, we've heard this does happen with other companies… With Country Chic Paint we will do whatever we can to help you be a successful Retailer. If you are willing to follow the steps and put in a little work, we know that you will succeed. We do not ask you to meet an unrealistic sales target to keep your account.
Do you need me to teach workshops?
Although you’ll see a big increase in sales when you teach workshops, we do not require it. It’s a smart business move for you though, so we hope you will.
Shipping & Product FAQs
​​​​​​Your product is more expensive than others, I worry if it will sell in my shop.
We didn’t want to create a cheap paint, we wanted a reliable paint that will knock your socks off. The components in our paint are truly top-of-the-line, and we use a manufacturer with 85+ years experience to create our exclusive products. We’re not an experimental chalk-based paint. Put it to the test and you will know why it’s worth every cent!
Your product is more expensive than others, I worry if it will sell in my shop.
You only get charged for about half the actual cost of shipping your order to you. Our shipping rates are charged as a percentage of your order subtotal, so you’ll always know up-front how much it will be. No expensive surprises for you!
Where do your products ship from? 
American customers will get their products shipped from Indiana. Canadian customers will get their orders shipped from our warehouse on Vancouver Island in BC. There will never be any surprise duties or brokerage fees.
How long will it take to get my order out the door?
Don't worry, it won’t take us weeks to pick & pack your order. You will typically see your order go out within 1-2 business days! During peak times it may be a few extra days, but we'll always keep you in the loop.
What if my product arrives damaged?
We know how much it sucks when shipping companies throw your boxes around, but we’ve got you covered and will always replace damaged products! You're not on your own.
"I have other paint companies calling me all the time to sell their product, I would never switch. I love Country Chic Paint, the company and all the employees."

Ann Elick - Perrysburg, OH

"I had wanted to add a line of paint to my business for quite a while, but after speaking with the girls at Country Chic Paint and testing the paint, I knew instantly that this was the line for me. As a small business owner, the investment was a little scary but after my first paint open house to introduce the line to my clients, I knew without a doubt that I was going to be very very happy."

Danie Leever - Fortville, IN

"I was a little nervous about bringing in a paint line for my new retail location as it was a big investment, but it was the right choice. I love the product line and so do my clients! If you stock your shelves and offer workshops the paint will sell itself."

Shirley Whiteway-Matheson - Elmsdale, NS

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